Welcome to my blog!  This will be as much of a journey for you as it is for me.  Hopefully as I progress you will learn more about me and my life and maybe with a bit of luck I about you the reader (I’m not assuming for one minute there will be any! :-))

My latest venture is making a Roulade!!  This has been inspired by watching Junior Masterchef Australia.  I mean, wow, if fricken 12yr olds can do it then surely so can I?  It would, however, appear not. I have attempted it twice, once with chicken and yesterday pork.  All I end up with are thick, chunky bits of meat not nearly as sexy or sleek looking as that of the aspiring little chefs.  I can assure you that I pounded my “meat-hammer” with a ferocious force but to no avail.  I refuse to give up though!  Hubby will have to taste test Roulades till he is blue but succeed I will.  Next time I’ll post pics  and then you can be the judge :-).


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