Oscar Pistorius – Bathroom Issues

Ok, so who’s going to admit they take their phones everywhere???  Of course, this implies the restroom (or commonly referred to as the toilet).  I’ll go first – I do…..all the time!  So does my hubby (sorry sweetie – let’s hope he doesn’t actually read this unconsented admission).  However, I have never taken my phone with me to the bathroom at 3am!

So does this prove that Reeva Steenkamp was going to make a emergency call out of fear or was she simply going to browse Facebook or Twitter?  There seems to be substantial evidence missing…

What was the last action done by Reeva on her phone and what time?  I’m also exceptionally curious if there is any truth to the rumour that some rugby player/ex of hers sent a Valentines sms that sparked a huge fight?

Her bladder was empty on autopsy but was there urine on her underwear?  I would think that would be a very simple way to determine what really happened on that tragic night?  Let’s face it, I may Facebook on the toilet but I’m not going to wet my pants unless I’m scared out of my mind!  Oh and one more toilet issue….did she flush after her pee?  Surely Oscar would’ve heard that?  However, this poses the question if everyone flushes in the middle of the night and we really don’t want to go there!


True Healthy Living

Over the last year or so I have been exceptionally intrigued by the concept of a “Low-carb-High fat” (LCHF) lifestyle.  Professor Tim Noakes is an esteemed Nutritional MD in our country and a great advocate of LCHF.  He has many converted followers and I myself am in line…..

I can, without a doubt say that I feel infinitely better when following this lifestyle.  I also managed to lose 2kg weight within 2 weeks on LCHF.  The realisation I came to though is that I am a true “Carboholic”.  The lure of bread, pasta, rice, cake and chocolate is just too overwhelming for me to stick to it.  I can also attest that after 2mths of roughly following this lifestyle my “bad” cholesterol – LDL rocketed to really dangerous proportions.  So to did my Total Cholesterol.  However, my “good” cholesterol – HDL also raised significantly and my Trigliserides are really low.  I’m not going to lie….I found my hight cholesterol values quite scary but if Prof Noakes is to be believed, this will not kill me or cause significant heart or brain damage.  It’s rather my regular sugar and insulin peaks that will do this.  I’m also fortunate in having no other risks for heart disease or strokes.  I don’t smoke, my blood pressure is always low and my weight relatively (can always lose those irritating 3 kilos! 🙂 ) low.  So according to the Framingham Index (a widely accepted study in medical practice) my overall risk of adverse incidents is still less then 1% for the next 10yrs.  This is despite my alarming LDL value.

So I’m still contemplating……and will keep you informed of my thoughts and progress on this!