Sweets and Chocolate!

Today was just one of those really busy but fun days.  Part of the joy was baking rich, chocolate brownies and enlisting my 2yr old little girl to help me ice and decorate them.  She loved it!!  I suspect mainly because I let her lick out the bowl of icing and pop more then a fair share of sweeties in her mouth.  Anyway the end product was delicious and hubby loved them!!



Venison (pre-made) Meatballs

I know, it’s totally cheating!!!  We saw these pre-made Venison Meatballs in our local supermarket and they just looked so inviting!

The trick was finding a decadent sauce…..hubby requested tomato based.  Who am I to disappoint? 🙂

So I attempted a red wine, tomato and rocket sauce with garlic and onion.  The end product was not nearly too bad although the meatballs were not great.  Note to self: Make my own!!!!


Welcome to my blog!  This will be as much of a journey for you as it is for me.  Hopefully as I progress you will learn more about me and my life and maybe with a bit of luck I about you the reader (I’m not assuming for one minute there will be any! :-))

My latest venture is making a Roulade!!  This has been inspired by watching Junior Masterchef Australia.  I mean, wow, if fricken 12yr olds can do it then surely so can I?  It would, however, appear not. I have attempted it twice, once with chicken and yesterday pork.  All I end up with are thick, chunky bits of meat not nearly as sexy or sleek looking as that of the aspiring little chefs.  I can assure you that I pounded my “meat-hammer” with a ferocious force but to no avail.  I refuse to give up though!  Hubby will have to taste test Roulades till he is blue but succeed I will.  Next time I’ll post pics  and then you can be the judge :-).