Roasted Butternut with Balsamic Reduction

So tonight we are indulging in a good old, traditional South African braai (otherwise known as a barbeque).  Fire is crackling, I’m sipping on my glass of red and life is about as content as it can get.

Back to my salad though, in an effort at being healthier we opted for a roasted butternut salad as an accompaniment to our meal.

Very simply, dice your butternut in neat little squares.  Drizzle with a generous amount of olive oil and season with ground salt and pepper.  Then add approx 5 whole garlic cloves.  I peel them although many recipes suggest one leave then unpeeled.  I am still, in all honestly, experimenting with this.

Then pop into the oven at 180 degrees (Celsius) to roast.  Toss regularly and when almost roasted, add about 2 tablespoons of balsamic reduction.

In the mean time, I have picked fresh butter lettuce (yes, you guessed it! 🙂 right from my very own garden.  Allow me these few moments of immense pride….I finally grew something that survived and is edible!!!

Along with the butternut, grill or braai/barbeque some brown mushrooms.  We chose the braai option but the oven will suffice.

Plate your lettuce, spread your butternut and mushrooms over and all the sauce that remained from the roast.  Then add some sliced baby tamatoes, roasted pine nuts and dried pomegranite  seeds.  As a final touch, I added shavings of “Boeren’ cheese – very authenticaly South African.

The result was quite delicious, if I may say! 🙂

Copyright:  This is my own recipe.  Please link only.  I would appreciate no direct copies.  (I know the chances of anyone actually wanting to copy this recipe is slim but just in case 🙂